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Put That Down

In this world that we are living in today, and sin running riot in the world it would be easy for us as believers to look at others and their life and quickly judge them for what they are doing. Listen as Pastor Jason teaches us from the word of God that we are none qualified to judge anyone. Enjoy!!!

Sometimes in life we choose things that are not Gods will for this reason we experience brokeness. Don't look at the brokeness as Gods punishment on you. As we will learn in this message sometimes things must fall apart for us to get to our destiny.

If you have ever contemplated giving up in the middle of your battle, listen to this awesome message as Pastor Jason Berry encourages us to "See It Through." 

Thank You Jesus

As we approach the Thankgiving holiday, do you truly have a thankful heart? Listen in as Pastor Jason shares a message, "Thank You, Jesus!" 

If Anyone Be

What should the life of a Christian look like? Listen as Bro Bobby Peak shares an uplifting and encouraging perspective on the Christian Life.

Are you tired? At you wits end? Are you at the point to where if one more thing happens, then you are throwing in the towel? If so, then you are in good company because the Apostle Paul found himself there at one time. BUT the God who delivered Paul is still ready, willing, and able to deliver you too! Listen as Pastor Angie teaches us how to get through those times.

Listen and be encouraged as Pastor Jason shares a powerful word on how to win your battles by being prepared before the battle even begins!

Listen as 18 year old Emily O'Dell explores the role of Jesus in her life as her Saviour, Teacher and Lord. May her passionate heart cry stir up a fire within you. Be lifted up and encouraged today!

Listen to an encouraging word today, as Pastor Jason Berry shares the benefits of being a gleaner vs. a harvester.

Often the enemy uses our past to condemn us. He would have us to believe that we have gone too far for God to ever accept us... BUT listen now as Pastor Jason shows us that we don't have to live in that condemnation, but instead we can rejoice in just how far Jesus was willing to go to in order to save us. Lift your head up Child of God and be encouraged today!

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